Saturday, November 29, 2008

Color is my First Love
I yam a crayola Kid .... my favorite colors when I was growing up were Cornflower Blue and raw sienna, goldenrod and indian red ............hmph.
I remember the paste that smelled like wintergreen and there was always one kid that ate it from the wooden stick ....ewe. I personally rather have a Goldfish

transistion pics

from near to far

The Kitchen to Become

The kitchen that once stood was so small that if more than Me and my CAT were in it - Ah was an issue. So had a Wall taken out I could stand within the space with my 2 cats and my sweet puppy ... Yet the wall removed is actually a gaping wound within the floor - open slats that are 2 inches wide in gap ..that I worry one of my babies may lose a leg ...This entire house has been a nightmare of Knob N Tube and issues of electric ..that are ...shakin my head ...

Old ugly stripped

Kitchen that was ... is gone ...torn out

As of today it exists as .... Wood and electrical wiring Wide Open Uck

Abode in transition

If I live thru this .....

The changes within have been extreme to say the least ...last changes were more than likely in early 50's.

This kitchen was created less than 3 yrs ago via the homeowner prior - yet A Hah ...many A hah Moments with this kitchen. It was re-done yes. But BUT all of integrity of this kitchen had to be RE-DONE. This kitchen had more safety issues, ventilation lack there of, electrical, Not one drop of insulation, omg the list could go on forever ... omgawd

My Dream of Renovation

I own a house that was born in 1925, I am the 3rd owner...

I am in the midst of renovation to bring back the life ......within this Abode.

I have found the basement that was once was a dark dreary stinky ... to become a new space
All new drywall and Walls and Hallways and even a HUGE beautiful Bathroom with a hand tiled shower ...

I am 42 yrs old and have worked all my life, since I was 17. Sometimes two or more jobs at one time. Never ever thought in a million years that I would be able to OWN or BUY a house. I have rented for the last 20 yrs. I am not in inquiry of the mortgage failure - thank god.

I have this Humble Abode that I am slowly but surely attempting to re-renovate -

Its not a Castle, Its not a Huge Home, its pretty much a home that is just what is it.