Sunday, December 28, 2008

Primer Blues

I have finished the Ceiling and all the trim ...with Primer .... I did accomplish. The primer is a what it is a primer that is tinted ...and its a deep pink raspberry color. I am somewhat bummed though. The ceiling came out with tons of roller marks. I tried my best to do it right. Yet still it dried funky.
The Paint I chose for final finish is Ben Moore " Night Flower" Its a deep beautiful magenta.

I had to go back to the store and get yet another gallon of primer since the ceiling soaked up over 1/2 a gallon. I first tried the roller with a roller tray...than went for the 5 gallon bucket and the roller grate. It seemed to work much better with the bucket. Yet ... my roller started falling apart. It was driving me kept inching its way off the actual roller holder ... and then it got all weird.

I found this fab site online tonight - Very Unique.

Some of the Gals Painting for sale that I am thinking to add to my New Abode

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yellow is not Mellow

Well I painted a part of my kitchen ..with Yellow.
Hmmm. No. Not it. I am going to be very dangerous and use a deep red pink ...
I am off to go buy it now. I have it on the sample boards and I think it just may work

Night Flower .... We will See.

Yesterday was not so great. My appliances came yet could not be installed. Due to lack there of counters and NO Gas line in my kitchen. I am not pleased right now :(
The Waiting game is getting old.

K - Update. I bought the paint called Night Flower and I was so exhausted ..after running errands and home at 5pm. I came home and just looked at all the space and said ... It's Christmas Eve tomorrow ..I am giving myself the night off. Not only that but I found again I have issues with my Wiper on my Car. ARRRR. I had it fixed just 2 weeks ago. My passenger wiper is um dead. It was fine all day and then POOF it went again. Not so Fun when its snowing and your in a Mini Cooper. ;( Can't see a DANG THING and that is very STRESSful

Paint Paint Paint and More Paint
I think this paint will work though. I had to get a deep toned primer that has to go on first YAY ... woo woo hee ah. I have tons of sunlight within my windows during the day.. and high floor boards that will be white ... all trim will be white. I have to say this is going to be a Risk with this color ..but I am willing to do it. Why not huh? I will paint over the Yellow first ... thats for sure. This entire renovation has been a risk .... I will continue onward ..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Paint Drama Trauma OH Momma

I have racked my brain for over two days now. I have to pick a paint color for my New Kitchen and Dining room.
I am adding some photos to give you an Idea of what I am trying to create. I need to buy Paint today and I am not sure if I can get out of my Driveway ... We really have had a lot of snow in the last day and a half and it's currently ...looking not so swell outside my window. The Wind is Howling and the Snow is going every which way. I may just paint the wall with the off white paint I have. I have to paint something behind the Refrigerator - It is to be delivered tomorrow ...finger's crossed. This Weather May postpone my appliances.

2 Photo's standing in the kitchen looking at the dining area - All one space

Picture of the Kitchen - This was taken before I had my new floors put in. But its a good pic for viewing.

** One of the biggest issues is ... The main wall that has 3 windows and contains the majority of my cabinets a wall that continues all the way into the landing to the basement. The other issue is I have not yet started re-doing the living room which is through the archway. I have no color scheme at all chosen. What ever I pick for the dining room and kitchen has to flow within the living room.

You can see in this photo how the dining room can be seen Thru the new Arch when standing in the living room. The Yellow orange paint was discovered under the wallpaper.

My cabinets are not Red. They look red, but truly they have a purple base within the color.

I have looked at Taupes and I think not. I do not want off whites. I have looked at plums, gray purples, shades of chocolate .... all leave me with a rock in my gut. I know that those colors will not make me happy. So Dull and boring. I even contemplated tones of mauve no. Blues make it look too Country and or even Confederate arrrh. No Blue. Greens just do not go period. I looked at Aqua's and Oranges too. No Go.

I am thinking Yellow. But it has to be the " right" shade of yellow. I have beautiful thick and High Baseboards. ( which I would like to remain White) Tons of sunlight during the day within the kitchen and dining room. My furniture is shabby chic. I am putting in a photo of the Picture that will hang on the wall between the kitchen and dining area. I painted this card weeks ago. I know the lighter one is BM Butter. The other is I believe BM arrrh Gold. I can't think of it. I don't like it so I guess it does not matter :)

If Anyone has a favorite Yellow for a Kitchen and Dining Area - Pretty Please let me know the Color

The spot above the island is where my Painting will hang. Again you can see the yellow orange paint ...from yesteryear ...


The painting that will hang in the center of the room - the wall of the kitchen Island.

My Dining Room Set. My table is 4 feet long so its a Perfect fit :)

My Buffet which is along the small side as well :)

Not my Exact Chairs but a photo " My Chairs are still Wrapped in Bubble Wrap "
No Two are Alike. Mine have lots of Red, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise,Purple,

This is the Countertop LG Kohala and the sink is white Satin - It is all one piece. The sink is part of the counter.
This is the pic of the Finished stairs going into the landing - Good Pic of the new Floor
Pic of New Fridge which I pray I get tomorrow ... Its snowing like Crazy Today~ all my appliances are going to be Black

Ms. Deenabobina ...grumbling at Mommy because she is scared of Stairs. She can go up them. She can't figure out for the life of her ...How to get Down them ;)

New Basement Floor YAY Installed - Daddy " TT" took it upon himself to Inspect ... He likes it Very Much.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Before and Afters

I have many Before and After Photos to share

I am starting with the easiest ~ The Stairs from the Kitchen to the Landing the Basement

I have a pic of the original Carpet~ It is what one would call Traditional Scotch Tape

pic was taken when walls were being ripped out - covered with plaster dust YUM ... I have found though Plaster Dust is not an essential vitamin .... mineral ;)

Under the Scotch Tape Loverly Carpet

I told my Carpenter that I probably could rip those stairs up and sell them as ART on Ebay - Hah

Stairs Stripped stage 3

Kitchen Before and Afters in Progress

This is the photo of How my Fridge was Built In to the Wall. I am 5'4 and I could see the top of the fridge.

The Alcove that Once held my Fridge ...... Arrrgh ~ Soon I will have a REAL size Fridge ..
What else would a Girl Want :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Feet and Tiny Toe Nails

On a Happier Note .......... I GOT MY KITCHEN FLOOR INSTALLED TODAY .... YAY

Its not quite finished ..the trim and such is not finished. My Elf's broke their Knees and Lungs today.
HOLY Crap this floor smells to high heaven when its cut with a saw. ( Another long Story)
I am adding photos :)

Kitchen Counters Hmmmmph

The Kitchen Cabs are now in and I chose to go back to the Kitchen and Bath place this morning to Look at all the countertop colors. Me thinking the one I picked out originally is not quite right (( Now that I see the Big Beet Red Picture ))

So I went and Ms Sherre helped me. I picked out 3 new options. One is a Corian Product " Sonora" which I have disqualified. I was able to go up to Home Depot and they had a kitchen made up of the color - Me No Likey.
Back to the LG solid surfaces. I picked out TWO that were quite possible contenders.

** In the above photo I added a black gloss tile ...because my appliances are all Black. There is a 2nd tile that I am considering for my back splash. Its a purple hued stone color.
The One Countertop is softer it is Called " METIS" the other obviously Darker is called " Kohala" you can see they both have red within them.

Well My choice has been narrowed down to Kohala because I called " LG" tonight. I tried to find " Metis" online to view installed in a Kitchen. All I could come up with is sites in the UK or Greece ...HMPH.
I called LG and spoke to Veronica and Ms Veronica told me " I am so Sorry" " Metis is a discontinued Color and has been Discontinued for a few years now " ........ HMPPH!

Kohala pic is more than likely the ONE ....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Kitchen My Kitchen

Taking a Mental break ...looking at my Birdies outside

Pics of Today and MY Kitchen

Monday Paint and Tuesday's Bathroom to Be

My Beautious new Vanity ~ again nothing is near finished. The floors are still coated with powder dust and the bath is no where near finished ...... but in order to get my counter and sink ..Had to install the vanity. All a Process. Yes yes Sigh. The Vanity was installed today so the counter guy could come out and Template ..and in ten days or so ... I will have as counter and sink YAY

The pic's showing color No no no no ... the color is in between each of them. My Monitor as I see the color shows not the actual color on my wall. I know because my Fingernails are Dipped in it from this morning. Hhhhhhh. It looks wonderful to me .. :)

Same Wall - taken last night and this morning and neither is the actual color of the wall - Ouch

Yesterday's AACK Paint - Ick EEWE so Uck

My Tile Photobucket