Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's so Fluffy !!!!

Despicable Me

Colors, Colors, Colors - everywhere we look is color.
We are inundated in visuals 24/7 within technology.

Colors bright, Colors Vibrant, Colors unheard of, Color Color Color, on screens, in
photos, on-line magazines. You never know what the true color is until you buy it, in a
sample, a quart, a gallon. The paper color sheets samples, I have found convenience, yet not much help in the long run.

Everything matters, your lighting, what you are painting, if it is a wall the texture etc. If it is sample paint, not paper sample, it augments itself once applied, a no brainer. I do not know if this is fact or not, was once told that premixed and mixed by color choice sample paints
( created for sale) are not truly the actual paint that is for purchase.

That they are for short life duration, that they are lifeless, as they are weakened and not of any category. Not the same, as purchasing it, in a quart, gallon, none are true during application as a Flat, Satin, Shell etc, they are created for temporary use, for color only. Who am I to believe?

Everyone who I have met that works in paint departments, seem to offer a different said, no matter if it is a big box store, or an actual name brand paint store. I have found that many local Paint stores that offer samples, do not rotate their sampler stock.

I have purchased, sealed samplers to find them once home, dried, gummy, gooey and ucky inside. At 6.00+ a pop, not cool. I have purchased them from other stores where they make the actual sample for you, it is all dependent on who is behind the paint counter. End result may vary, human error is of the equation.  If you find sample pots at your local paint store, hardware and you wish to purchase them, some tips below. Possibly they are not sold (by some) any longer, Paint seems never to have been so popular, as it is in the last few years, it changes vastly what each company offers.

Samples Shake them, hold it up to your ear, do you hear liquid? or do you hear sludge? Ask if you can open it first prior to buying - if it is sealed, ask if there is one that is open for you to view. If they will not open a sampler for you, offer a sorry no can do, show one that has been opened, it's their loss of sale. Or you can buy it and find it to be a crap shoot once home. Dust on the toppers, outside, is an indicator, that they are not a popular commodity sold by, or recommended by the Paint dept persons in that particular store. IE: no one is moderating the samples, no one rotating them, as they sit and gather dirt. It's a 50/50 chance that you will be able to use them, let alone find them the actual color and true meant to be consistency once opened.

If premixed Samples are showcased and recommended by the salesperson, they to take pride in what they are selling, chances are your taking home a product fresh, to be used as instructed, to offer you an actual sample of your color chosen. It does matter. I know. Again it's your dollars, time and effort. 

If the sample is being made for you, ask the paint person to dab not only the top of the container, but the actual paper swatch. View it dried. Does it compare or does it disappear? Match or sorta match? If they give you an O'geeze response to go the distance, dabbing and drying, on the container and paper swatch. Um, they probably have a personal reason, for their reaction. Paint mixing not their Forte'. Filling in for Painter Bob, Painter Sally on their break or vacation. Too many people in line, that they feel the need to rush, tough Noogies, it's your time, money and effort, that is why your purchasing the paint, sample or not, in the first place. View the label they apply, is the color Name, number, printed on or left off ? does the printed information match the swatch you picked out?

I found that you have to ask for paint Stirrer's they are no longer a handed out given with paint purchase. Paint Can openers are no longer a freebie, you must buy them today at 90 percent of paint sellers, paint big box retailers. If they ask how many paint stirs do you need, easy answer " as many as you can give me" 3-4 is good for one gallon I have found. If you find yourself home at another time, paint purchase, to realize you are " Stir-less" you have stock, a clean stir for future use, is a smile not a sigh.   

I have found that buying premixed samples from, Ben Moore, Pittsburgh Paints, Pratt and Lambert, the outer container clear, filtered but clear plastic is not always friend to what is inside, lesson learned. Glidden offers samples. The samples I have are brown bottles, not clear or filtered containers, there is something to this. It offers no light to affect the paint inside. Granted you cannot see the actual color inside, it though does offer a concept that makes sense. Think of a bottle of peroxide. I see online they are using white jars as samplers present or past? All my Glidden samples are in brown bottles.
The one thing about Glidden is they have a smaller range of colors, they are sealed. With the smaller range of colors it is practically no fail even so, your choosing without viewing the inside. I have purchased many Glidden samplers in the past. They may have changed since then. They did then offer a brush inside, as the glue we used as kids, rubber cement. The brush attached to the screw off top. The downfall that is of my own observation, the brush is fine, yet the paint runs, no matter how much you scrape off the brush. The brush inside, a great design. The drips, dribbling is a frustration, all could do without. The consistency of the sample paint to me, is a bit runny, more than should be allowed.

Is the actual Glidden paint purchased in a quart, gallon the same? I do not know the answer.  I have to say the thinness of the samples was a deterrent, not to buy it in a gallon size. Everyone has an ideal, does not mean it is better or less than, it is of personal preference during use and the affect achieved in the end.


I have asked my local hardware for sample of Dutch Boy only to find they do not offer them. They offer a small container at a price tag, ah hem.  The sample size, " Twist and Try" what I was shown, as this is an independently owned hardware store, maybe different at other stores. The sample, a Quart, 29 oz container. You really must want to sample a color if you purchase the Quart. Found a color that I thought, I could not live without trying.  I believe the quart cost, sticker shock, 13.00, could have been more, I think I am still in shock. The young boy who sold it to me, to tell me, it is a temporary paint, not to be used on anything for duration. He telling the truth or? consequences may vary if I did use it on permanent surface. Never again. It was a waste of my dollars.

I do have gallons of Dutch Boy. I have found in my gallons that the consistency of the paint itself does not match, it varies, even so they are all the same, same everything, all are Semi-gloss. What I believe it is not the paint itself but the pigments added. The stronger the color, the consistency to vary. The colors chosen not of the Dutch Boy line, yet I had them made with Dutch Boy Semi Gloss. This too, choosing colors outside the Dutch Boy line? could be part of the inconsistency, I am not a chemist.

Each after opening, to vary quite a bit in consistency. The deepest color as in pigmented a deep blue green teal - to be the thinnest. It however is not a bad, as in runny as in dripping. It is thinner in texture. Which I have found on wood, it allows the wood grain to show. Heck if I know, possibly it is upon the human who mixed it. The real bummer is that the human who mixed it, did not put the name of the color I chose on the paint label. It is a nameless, code-less, semi-gloss. All the " gallons" I have purchased, the humans to mix them, the stories to be told, the paint once home to be a endless surprise, I am beginning to feel like this.

Shaken not stirred - Nameless Teal

A beautiful Color
Bought on a whim 2012
Will be Used 2013
Used on a project, that requires less than a gallon 
Not trusting the "We can match any color"
The Carnival Ride Games of Paints not this year, finger's crossed 

not the same is it 


expectations do matter

as so do my dollars
As Your own Dollars do
Time, Effort, cost of paint $$, supplies, no matter the line, the color chosen 
it is personal
not funny business

Paint colors 2012

Paint Colors

 Reading, Viewing the forecasts of color for 2013 

Every paint site offers their own chosen color, colors for 2013

Pantone, has chosen a beautiful shade ` Emerald ~ Green

Sherwin Williams chosen color for " 2013 " - on the other end of the spectrum

                                                      " ALOE"

Not so sure about the Aloe color, Meh, as my Dad would say, it is Hospital green. 

 Kinda makes me Nauseous.

Pittsburgh Paints offers 5 new Palettes of Color ~ " Fresh" being the Trend for 2013
Pittsburgh Paints 2013-2014 Color Trends

The 5 PPG Palettes, each with 5 colors for intermixing. Three of the five new palettes to incorporate " Orange" and or Orange hues. Orange one of my favorite colors. Once painted in my old apartment, a desert dusky orange. Was a color, that is no longer made. Buta-coarse. It turned out fabulous and it offered a wonderful comforting feel to my living area. Earthy, calming, captivating to the eye. All colors as accent offered enhancement. Especially cobalt blue, clean whites, rustic metal art. 

A website found, that offers collective palettes from Pittsburgh Paints. Color boards, decorator boards, pulling together a theme. Many offer the color scheme I had once. As it seems, trends recycle. I then paid zero attention to interiors trends, I chose what I liked, this 10yrs ago, it was the color that fit my furnishings, my space I had at that time.

 Design Boards by Pittsburgh Paints

 One of many "boards" they offer, I believe this is a fairly new website.

Again you see, the trending of " Orange" being a primary color within the theme. I am
seeing Navy, and shades of dusky blues, the trending now. Earthy whites, not yellow or
pink tone hued, but blue clear based whites. 

Porter Paints ( joined ?) or have always been a part of PPG? 
" The Voice of Color" - Video of Porter Paints ~ 2013 Colors

I see trending, Navy, Blues, Reds and Orange. Red making a comeback? 
As shown in this video, lots of vibrant " Reds" on walls, and used as accent. 

Red as a color to accent, as a theme. Red being a " Wall color" *sigh*  My personal prospective, Red is One color you do not want to use in abundance. Red dominates. Even so Red is a primary color, it does not go " with everything" if it is the  Dominating Color of the room.

There is 1000's of red. Each unique to it's own, it's own base, tone, hue. Red the color of Nostalgia. To have a piece of furniture,  a picture frame red, or an art piece, to use it in decor is one thing. To build a room around it " RED" - is another.

It is a color that many gravitate to, for wall color. I have learned from my own mistakes. It is the most difficult to paint even on brand new dry wall. The pigments within, it makes it difficult to create a smooth finish, even after multiple coats. I read online to use a gray primer. I asked the Paint guy, my local paint store, he disagreed. He created a primer with a tint of my end color blended in. Was a fiasco. Never again. Cannot recall what stage this was of my DIY after 4 days of attempts, I gave up. I never said I was a painter, I am a scribbler.

I disgruntled and mad to the point, I am going to have this color if it kills me.. had to hire a pro actually fix my hot mess. He using Lambswool rollers and taking his time, he was able to finish the room. The end result " RED" Walls. The color at first was enchanting, that I had never taken on such a color so deep, vivid and rich. The color was so RED it wasn't a pleasant exchange emotionally " was too much" the color was brutal after a short time. Sucked the oxygen out of the room, was overwhelming.

The after:  

This photo taken during my reconstruction, the ceiling painted white, the walls painted Night Flower by Ben Moore. A deep magenta red. Red walls shown on decorator sites, that look fabulous, more than likely painted by pro's and or the photos themselves photo shopped to view as the Perfect Red. 

DIY's out there, who have used Red on walls, each person I am sure has their own story to tell.  The rooms you see in magazines to have the perfect aesthetic, furniture and furnishings. If you do choose Red, beware it takes on it's own life, once it is upon the walls. If you have red walls and love them, more power to you. I found the red upon my walls to be a detraction, not a enhancement.

If you love the Monochromatic look - it can be yours

Two colors, shades of, to bounce off each other -

The difference between Red as a Room

Red, the primary " Accent" 
So not the same - as you can visualize

Accents are easy to alter, change
Walls are not, keep that in mind :) lesson learned

Snow Frolics

It's Here 


It's white, heavy and as Pooh Bear says ' oh bother' 

Doesn't stop my 9lb doggy, she trekking her way through it ...

In my trusty sweatshirt I go .....

Into the Tundra

4 mins later

I have a feeling this is just the beginning ........ Ol Man Winter is going to stick around.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dry Brush

My brush went dry

I allowed other influences in, that I felt over powered me.
 Who am I ? that I needed to be put into place? by them?

I am Butahouse

Evidently they found me as competition or ? something that they felt the need to make me stop whatever I was doing. What was I doing I have to ask? I am a scribbler, I am not paid, I am of my own works in my abode. Do not represent anyone or any product, god forbid, don't do that. You may insult someone, and not even know it. Praise and Fun, blogging on a product is not tolerable, unless you buy it from your keeper.  I did not know I was owned. That my money was so imperative, to one who is 100 times with. Not without. My house is my house. I do not live in Beverly Hills, I am not a house wife. I am not a house husband. 

My mansion lives inside my head.  My entire main floor does not equal anothers bathroom. Who they deem, my bathroom isn't quite big enough, for one. Crickets. My main floor is bigger than all the apartments I rented in the last 16 yrs. It's over big for me. I get lost all by turning around. I do not have to walk 20yards and ask why did I enter this room? football field to find my coffee cup.
My house is humble. It is not Better house with gardens, pools and chandeliers. Not a domain that you need tin cans with strings to find your family members are you HOME?

Crumbling plaster yes, horse hair, mud packed barn wood, under my carpet upstairs yes.
Real wood thick trimmed everything with 17 coats of paint yes.  Fugly not yet finished real wood floors, 30 yr old carpet I stripped myself. 700 staples dug in, center floor, not bordering, taken out, me on my knees. No one to aid me, no one to hire it done for me.
The cranky floors still today, that I walk upon just fine. They will be " finished" someday.

My house is an old Sister, born in 1924. She is frayed. She is not perfect. This why I fell for her. She is Butahouse.  I am 3rd to live in this dwelling. Two families raised in this house, prior to me, living here. The woman who lived here for 51 years, had secrets only known to her, her at the time widowed. She age 93 confessed to me, the day we met, to sign the papers. I have a secret. Everyone sitting at this long table, her adult children present drooling waiting for their portion of ching.

She reached across the table, to take my hand, with her perfectly manicured nails in fruit punch red, she told me her secret. "I hide my Lemon drops in the dishwasher"  my kids bought me that dishwasher years ago and I have never ran it, it's brand new for you. If you find sugar inside it, it's because I hide my candy stash inside it, top rack. I have to, because if I don't my family, when they visit, they will eat all my candy. She winked at me and smiled, grasping my hand softly. Marty her name. She had me at Hello.

The house mine, key in hand, this weeks later. I came across a plastic baggie stuffed, tucked away in a hiding place. The baggie incredibly old, the contents " Lemon Drops"
Crusty old crumbly lemon drops, a paper clip, two rubber bands and one more thing. 

A tiny 2 inch tall " Cross" - made of metal, silver tone, with letters imprinted on it 
  " God Bless this House"

I found out by a neighbor soon after that Marty died, she died in her sleep. I was beyond saddened. The neighbor to say, she loved that house, it was her home, she was not at home, after the house sold. The Cross hangs in my garage, on a wall that Marty's Husband created.  I do not buy Lemon Drops. I do not need to. My house is filled always with Lemons, lemonade, lemon aroma, it always my favorite. Sweetarts I buy by the bag and hide them on myself. Tart, Sweet and addictive. I do not put them in my dishwasher. I do though randomly wink and smile as I walk this house, my yard, and think of Fruit Punch colored nail polish. Only Marty could wear at 93 yrs young, she to share her secrets.
Color hers, she planted in the front and backyard - White, Purple and Orange

We have a lot in common, - time to get back to, Ms. Marty. She inspires me, she never promised me a dishwasher, she promised me Lemon Drops.  And I found them, no longer her secret, they were found priceless.

She was an artist, she painted, she loved to paint. Her paintings hung in the house when I was shown it, I asked and the real estate agent said, they are promised to her children.

My blog is my House. If you want to hate on me. If you think I duped you. If you think, shaking my head, I did something to you personally with malice in my heart.
You never knew me to begin with. Rich comes from within, not from ..

Butahouse is back.

Color Color Color

Me who I am and will be blogging soon - the scribbler holding a wet paint brush
No more Dry

Silent Night 12/14/2012

For the children  

If my great grandparents, my grandparents were here - 
they would cry, then sing 

the quiet is not silent, it aches

Thursday, August 30, 2012

When you're past your limit

When you think, you simply cannot take one more thing -


a moment, that you chase - chase something, and within the search, the chase using words,  you find something totally unrelated -  my search had nothing to do with this song, nor Bjork, no - but it was where I landed, this video found by mishap.

Bjork ~ who I have always heard of, never though listened to ~

This video is Empowering

Her Energy is liberating ~ she in the video is in black and white & and all I feel is color

she is vivid
in shade of 
her own 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

When a House is not a Home

I purchased my Abode in 2007. My humble abode that I found it, or it found me by mishap. I am not sure. I was to meet with a Realtor at a house, she did not show up. I had requested and spoke to the Realtor of this house that I wanted to see. I had many houses that I had found online, that I had viewed the countless photos, over and over, before contacting a real estate agent. I had already been through countless homes, with other agents, and was feeling that I would never find a house, that I felt home.

I broke my silence and called, made an appointment, to see this house, that I had viewed over and over, online. I recall driving and finding the street, finding the house and parking, only for the owner to come out and scream " Can I help You?" .. she to say she was about to leave, and NO one called her, to schedule a viewing, she to be upset, and slam the door.

I sat for less than moments, a car pulled up, a woman greeted me, her face not to match the Realtor who I had made contact with. This agent to profusely apologize to the home owner, and then tell me, there is a house, less from blocks of here, asked me, would you like to see it ?. I 40+ miles from home, okay why not.

I went, I saw, I was shown the house, this house that I now own. It to be to me a dream house, once fixed up. Me thinking the decor, not it's entire " gut inside" that this cost,  to become a nightmare, which it has, and it's still not right. Humble isn't even the word for it.
After the walk through " Inspection" with the guy, who was referred to me, by the Realtor, she to say he is known to flip Craftsman Homes, he has a reputation that is of years in your community, I trust him, call him, see what you think. He can and will provide you with a detailed documented inspection with all the wrongs and rights, of the home, it being somewhat historical, because the house was built in 1924, it to have only two owners.  I not only was present at the inspection, I received his report, on a pdf file, it over 10 pages long, his own written with his photos attached, this prior to me signing the papers of ownership. I then able to access the wrongs he pointed out, I asked for 10K off the selling price, he offering minimal but substantial needs within the electricity, wiring of the home, his only negative. I was granted the 10k off, not even a squabble, this a RED Flag for any prospective Home to be buyers, first time buyers. Little did I know. Me not ever owning a home, in my lifetime, 16 yrs of renting, my past.

To date I have poured more than 50k into this house, 30k that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and it's still not decorated, its not up to par within the unseens, it's not up to selling standard, why? because I simply have given up. Have you ever felt so duped, that you simply do not care. That it took 30k to bring the house up to CODE. That I was told it was up to code, to find out that the guy who was referred to me, Inspector, was the Realtor's buddy, ol pal, tell her whatever she needs to hear, that is of the bare minimum, to make the sale.

This I found out after the fact, after I bought the house to have endless contractors tell me the very same, Lady you were screwed, blued and tattooed, by an emotional buy, a 1924 Bungalow, that was told to you only needed some small repairs, some new wiring. I contacted an Atty and was told, since I signed the document, I had no rights, no way of going after the " inspector" she to read his 10 page pdf, that was what I signed. Everything in the fine print, to be what it was. Had I gotten a 2nd opinion, a 2nd investigator, to do a walk through, then only would I be afforded a comparison. Not to go after the first investigator, that would be nonsense, as it is upon the person and check list only. For each inspector has their own depth of how far they examine a house.

It to become a MONEY Pit. That I no longer find to be fun, no longer find to be a conquest, no longer find to be, a thrill to live in, let alone desire to dump more money into, that I know will not bring me a return, but will have to, to put it on the market. How to you climb out of it? it's going to take a lot of elbow grease, with help, I cannot do it myself. Nothing is finished, nothing is finalized. I have to bring the house up to showing value, for I to gain the most I can, which will never amount to all I have put into the house. Lost.

My guilt is yes, I have left it, I haven't done a damn thing, I have not. Because I simply do not have the will to finish any room, which is going to cost $$$.  Word to the wise, if you are looking to buy right now, it being a buyer's market, take Everything Into consideration, and get more than ONE inspection. Do not rely on One inspection and never accept an offer of referral from your Real Estate Agent, for who they recommend, as in your interest. The only interest they have, is selling the property. You are considered a Drive By Fool, without a 2nd inspection, this I learned the hard way. Had I known, had I been savvy, had I looked at this house, with it's magnificant back yard, it's charm and character within the alcove walls, the Cinderella ceilings upstairs, with REAL EYES

The lot of the property, which I found out after the fact I do not own, this too in my craw. My backyard is not mine, it is owned by a Utility company, that I was told, by a Utility worker one morning, ...... never was it disclosed to me in papers buying the house. That my entire backyard is an easement, that I am allowed to have, via paperwork, within the previous owner, documented in the 1950's. No one disclosed this to me, that I am allowed this land, that it's not mine, I have never received a piece of paper stating it wasn't mine. I spoke to the owner of the house, next to me, he rents his house out, he and I to meet for the first time a month ago. I asked him, do you own your backyard? he said NO, I found this out, after I bought the house, he to be just as prickly about the subject. He to say, you reminded me, I haven't received the bill this year, the lease bill to pay it, it being 1.00, grandfathered.  He to tell me had he known that the backyard of his house, wasn't his, he never would have purchased the house either. Hmmph. My yard is 4 times larger than his. I to put in thousands to replace the rotting fence when I thought it was mine, he to say OMG, all my fencing I sent them a letter that it was rotting, he to tell me, that they asked for bids, quotes, that they PAID him to refurbish their fence. Who's on first, they won't tell me. Not until I pay someone to Tell them who is on first. 

I had my Maple shown below, it struck, 20 percent of it, taken down by a storm this last April. I called the Utility Dept and asked is it my property or yours- they to respond, you have to hire someone to do a survey, the paper work is not archieved, we cannot say, if it's ours or not, if you want the tree removed, send our legal dept the bill, we will meet in litigation if it comes to it. FAWK really. They at present, to clearly not know the boundaries, either.   

 When a House is not a home, does it make sense, I think it does, clearly by what I have written above. When One is buying, take everything into consideration, and I mean everything. Don't rely on what is, what you feel, as in this is where I find me. It's a 50/50 that it is not " for You" but a place that only resides in your " Head" as Memories of days past, that only can be Relished, be " Loved" be found, in a place that is sacred and that is within, within the mind, within the heart.

Find a Home, with Character, that suits itself, that has itself in working order, then you can make it, tweek it, to be Your's. This to be a House, you can Call Home, by your own hard work, time and presense.

 this song I posted way back, in the times of, my house being " operated on" it still fits

I lost my direction

I was posting, as you can see and then I ceased.

I allowed One person to invade my spirit of my blog, which I am sure doesn't affect her.
This is upon my reaction to words written to me, and my reaction to cease writing on what I found an outlet, what I found my own, I guess I am just as guilty, by allowing her to creep into my head.. That I will not post on it any longer. I guess it's who's ever loss she deems fit. Not mine, I am not a seller.

Will not make sense to you the reader, it may ring bells, but it will not make sense, unless you're following me, reading etc what I have previously blogged on, that abruptly ended.  Paint to be the subject or is it alliance. It wasn't a war that I felt I was soldier in, yet was named to be. Good riddance is best, and I hope all that are within the war, figure it out, they are not the only ones with something to boast, post and or lose along the way, that there is bigger things in life, that are worth " fighting for". I think it is really unsavory for another to tell me, without asking me, but to tell me, that Had it not been for them, I never would have found out about the product itself, that my interests were self served to others, that I betrayed her. When I have bookmarks, since fall of 2011, and have friends who are in my life, know, that I had been talking about this, watching it unfold, having an interest, way before it entered this other persons market place. But no, that's not allowed either.  I will be polite and add the French Version of my feelings -

My one co-worker, years ago, she professed to me, she and I working together, she to be verbally attacked by another person, her reply to that person

"I don't you from a can of paint". This not to make sense to me, this makes sense to me now, more so than I can even explain. 
I am no longer going to blog on a certain paint, because the Taste left, to resonate in my mind, it enough to say, C'est la vie ~ thanks but no thanks, I offered nothing but positive and was told that I was subject of the sellers on their private blogs. Nice to know, one who is promoting is slandered for buying the product, just not buying it from the " right" person. When the person didn't have the colors on their site to sell ~ my fault, not only my fault but I to be lambasted for it. Because I owed them. Owed them what? My dollars? my alliance, my alliance was vivid, hard work I placed upon my blog, by sharing, by putting in hard work here. NO. That was told to me, please do not do me any favors, I don't need your assistance by you mentioning me, my site, as a seller, because, Me Humble, I defied her and bought samples from regional sellers. I am of my word, I will never mention it again. And I haven't. So if you come here looking for " Updates" on a certain paint, there will not be any.

Which is too bad, because the paint itself is worth it's said, it's amazing paint, is worth buying, the stigma that I have encountered, not worth it, to me, to continue buying nor blogging upon. For me to feel that I am made mockery on the boards, to be subject in the wars of, within the sellers, boundaries etc.  There is nothing wrong with the paint.  

I guess this is alike being a Michigan Fan vs a Michigan State Fan - Both in the same League but enemy. Hmmph.

Never have I been fair weather, WIN or LOSE - I am a University of Michigan Fan

Maize and Blue
Hail Hail Michigan
Dont' get your territories screwed up
Lesson Learned

Monday, July 9, 2012

Rehaul the Thought Process

Think " Blank" Canvas - this will aid you when your doing a renovation, a remodel. Words to live by. I have learned. Do not make choices " of color" when your at your wits end, it is not in your favor, not in the long run. 

A blank Canvas, I wish I had focused on, when I was choosing my everything during my renovation of my kitchen. It never dawned on me, that the kitchen colors chosen would be carried over to the rest of the main floor, my brain was focused upon putting " that room" as it became the nemesis, together for once and for all " to bed"- that I saw RED. I had chosen two other kitchen " layouts everything" prior, that were eliminated out of my control. My experience with my renovation was truly enlightening. 

I had spent time, a lot of time, with professionals who specialize in such as kitchen remodeling to find out, it all was meaningless. All my choices that were of my found " Me" to be dissovlved, before my eyes.  Not in my control. I was lied to, this to be never forgiven nor forgotten. I still think of the kitchen I initally picked out, that I wanted, only to find out it didn't exist. Not as I was offered, these places to provide the samples, to be purchased (cough).

I fell in gush with this color, it was not a yellow, it was not a green, it was called Shale. A luminescent glow of the " Moon" actually. No way near white. It was soft and effortless. I was in love. Once given the wood piece for the next 4 days, 6,7 hours spent each day " shopping, driving, calculating" I went everywhere. Pricing, calculating, thinking, planning. I came up with a granite counter, found the perfect flooring, I came up with a back splash, made of what looked like beach glass in neutrals tones of off not white, milky sugary sands, mixed with clear. All was right in the world of renovation. Right?
My granite found that complimented, this the pale version, of Saint Cecilia granite, it to have tiger stripes within of dark grays and charcoals, it to have little nuggets of garnets, rubies and amethyst geodes to pop out against the Shale glow
my original floor chosen was the color of pencil lead a brushed charcoal to the right the one to the left is my currant floor by process of elimination
Long story shortened, my designer failed to allow me to know that the Shale I chose, was not available in the door, line, I chose that was agreed upon, he to give me the sample, have me sign out the sample, he to have to hunt for it, did not key him in, that I said I was going to the granite houses, I was going to find the flooring to Go with the SHALE
- he said as I walked out, Have a nice day! 
Didn't matter, the day I found out, that the Shale was not even in the equation, was the day I found out the cabinet place locked it's doors, and filed bankruptcy. Game over. Buh bye.
Next day ......
I went and called the supplier for the flooring to order it, the sample board of wood flooring that I had fell in love with, that I so wanted, that I had dragged with me for 4 solid days, matching and calculating. Go to order, on the phone, One ringa dingy, two ringa dingy, 
Hello thank you for calling XXX, how may I help you? Wah Wah Wah Charlie Brown -response from customer service rep ..
"Um that flooring you picked out, I am not finding it in our inventory, Ma'am can you describe it?, okay, can you hold, yes,, Ma'am the flooring you have chosen, I am sorry, it has been discontinued going on 5 yrs now. Do you have an alternative you would like me to look up?
Enter Clark Griswald Again 
No joke no lie
I set out and went that very morning with a fire burning, blue prints in hand, went to another cabinetry supplier, they of coarse did not carry the line, that offered the Shale. This company though to have options that I had not seen, the staff very attentive, detailed. The sales woman and I to spend with each other, my prints over 2 hours. Discussing, planning, etc. I felt confident that okay this war may be over. I was still ringing with, I wanted what I wanted, and did feel I was settling. I didnt' really have much choice, time was not on my side, my kitchen was on a timeline to be gutted. That night to make sure I was on track I went online to the website.There was no website, only a letter posted. A letter of thanks to all our customers of the past 50 years. As of midnight We have filed Bankruptcy and are no longer in business. The Truth. I was going to place my order that following morning, with this supplier. The gal called me at 7:30am the next morning, my house being ripped up by my guys and she said to me " I swear I did not know" she said I don't even know if I have a job as of today. She was beside herself.

George Carlin " Circling the Drain" I thought this has to be a cruel joke, It wasn't it was reality, it was the Economy surfacing it's ugly head in Metro Detroit, the independent suppliers, the Mom and Pops,  being eaten alive, shutting down within days of each other, those in the same business. Kitchen renovations, Cabinetry, remodeling.  Supplier number three, my plumber to see a new kitchen install, he grabs the business card for me, he says Go DO make a commitment, I do just that, I have two meetings at this new found supplier, the counter and the cabinet picked out, sink, within my samples.

I go back up to the supplier and I ask for my rep. " He's not here" okay, can YOU help me?, Sure but I do not sell cabinets I work in accounting. Can you find someone that can help me? No, there is no one here right now. Do you know when XX will be back ? No, I don't, he is out working on a important job, he is in the field. (lie, he was laid off without notice) Man comes in the room, he says HI ! like he is a caped crusader, I am "Mr, Suit My Needs" what can I do for you today?!  He is one of the owners?, he knows nothing. He is thinking bottom line profit, me? I am no one to him but a signed check. NOW I AM PiXXED - he goes over my samples and calls the supplier to give me lead times, they to be so far out, he to tell me pretty much everything on my list is not available, I to find out too that the counter top I chose, was discontinued years ago.  I cannot go home with this news. NO, my contractors would walk off the J.O.B. He takes me back into the room of " COLOR" samples, with all the hanging doors and samples allocated to each supplier, dedicated. He says THIS Line we can turn around in SNAP. If you choose from it, we can turn it around to fit your schedule. ( Lie) remember his bottom line was " check in hand" not customer service.
what emotion was running through my head that I chose this color, this to be installed 

It was not my first choice quoting Chris Rock and yes my cabinets are the color of Robitussin
When Your at your Wits End - no matter WHO it causes discomfort at that moment - Stop Think and Look at the Big Picture, your Money Works for you, it's not to be the other way around. Color affects our world, my world is my abode, that I live in. And Red was not a choice, it was a felt and I regret that day, I allowed others under my skin.  To affect me, me to grab what I felt and yes I felt it, Red. The day the cabs were installed, I shook my head and I said ..what did I choose? I allowed others to remove me from myself. Do not let this happen to you. Choose your world around you, as you dream it. If your told No, keep going, find it, and when you do find it, apply it, you will find comfort and peace within. This is Priceless. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bold Daring Brights, Unique Flavor

Rich intense color that is safe - Yolo Colorhouse 

Easy to use, I don't know, I have never used this paint before, I am though intrigued by the colors and how they range - a short range, yet each are stand alone color. What a concept. I have read raving reviews.
The colors shown in the photos here are all my favorites, bold, bright, rare - feisty with impact.
The Color of Thailand ~ Yolo Colorhouse Blog

I have heard of this paint, yes, I simply never researched it, maybe I did, maybe it was the price at the time. This however at present is not as costly as many paint lines, per gallon. Amazon selling price per gallon 35.95, it is also sold at Home Depot, listed same price.  A Green rated Product :)

Snatched these photo palette cards from Amazon, Amazon obviously a seller.

Color Family of Greens ~  Thrive  

Torn between Thrive .05 and Thrive .06  
Yolo colorhouse Pins - Thrive Family 

Color Family of Neutrals ~~ Nourish 

to break up the colors, placed the neutrals in the middle - I like .04 .05
.05 is comforting  
Nourish Pins

Bold Daring Bright ~ Let there be Color Family ~ Petal

.04  .05 and .06  - .06 is beautious, have seen it on Pinterest

Robust Marigold Peppers Eggplant ~ Color Family ` Create ' 

I love each one of these - Yum 

So Pretty 

Click it to Chip it

Color, Color, Color,
When you see online, or in a magazine a Room designed, a room of AWE and you say ~ omg, what is that color ? it not said, it not offered by mention, you see this color and your brain goes POP.

Sherwin Williams has a new gadget available, called " Chip It "
What a marvel. You simply sign up, and the world of color is at your " clicks" You choose a photo and upload it, Sherwin Williams upon your click, provides the photo back to you, with a Sherwin Williams color Palette, name, and chip number provided at a snap. Depending on the quality of the photo, I believe it does make a difference upon what you receive as the finish result. I have tried some photos, only to receive a few colors upon the palette. Then using higher quality photos to be given a full " blown" palette of choices, colors named, etc. Please watch the video for instructions. 

Link to Sign Up

I have found it does not work with Chrome, I am not a scientist, I could not make it work, shrug, however on Firefox it was easy peasy. You simply drag the Chip-it Button into your bookmark toolbar and your ready to rock-n-roll.

Thinking of my grandparents, summers always being with them, fresh produce always ample, I looked for a photo of just that - Summer Veggies. My result after using " Chip-it", a fine tuned Color palette - Pretty Cool huh !

I searched online hoping for " Ocean Brilliant" Colors and I did find just that
Searching images of an Emerald Crab  

Chip-it Palette Created 
Wow Awe Colors 

How cute is he? 


Power of Color

Do you have a favorite color?

A signature color that everyone knows you for?
Maybe it is in your choice of funky shoes? or your lipstick? signature sweater?
Colors inside your home? your favorite sports team?
A color that defines  " You"

There is Power in Color 
Color affects us, in environment, in our dress, our perceptions, by who view us, by who we view
These are not my words below, but the words of another, taken from the website linked. Today I am going to to stick with the Color BLUE, add  my own thoughts of what is written by the author, Karen Ellyard, and add photos of Blues as example.

KE: Colors can have a tremendous effect on us,  as I am sure most of us have our favorite color which makes us feel good. Color can be used to help us when we are feeling unwell or negative. Color can have an amazing effect on our emotions and moods. Below I will touch on the surface of some of the colors and how you can use them. 

KE: Blue - The universal color of healing, it you are feeling unwell visualize yourself wrapped in a soft blue blanket or a soft blue light.
I agree with Ms. E, blue is the universal color of healing, soft blue, hedging on white, a glisten of blue. If you feel that your being is suffering from an outside influence, that is out of your control, negative, you can mentally submerge yourself in " soft blue" light, to not only cleanse your mind, spirit,  but to add a layer of protection.  It does work.  This color is what I perceive as my soft blue, my cleansing blue " Twinkle".

Sherwin Williams " Twinkle" SW7135
Some soft blues leave me feeling at odds, why I don't know. Some powder blues, some soft blues are negative to me and I cannot offer why.  Some " soft blues" cheapen what could be very opposite had it been a different hue, tone, value of " soft blue" 
Blue to be worn on the Outside 
Where it be on your body our outside your Abode 

I copied this Handbag photo from this retailer site
Not sure if it is still available, I checked, the  "blue" is no longer, it is now on clearance in colors shown: Yellow and Green, even though it says purple, hmmph. I do not see purple as an option, in available, story of my life. If it says it, and you do not see it, don't bother. " So I have been told" by the powers that be.    

On clearance, the price is not what I call a bargain, at $229.00.  Way too much without being able to see it, feel it's quality. It's not about buying the handbag it's about the warm fuzzy that it brought to me visually. I saved the photo of the handbag because of it's color. It being of vintage worn, vintage soft blues, that it brought out a smile. 
All by itself, this "Blue". This is when you know your own favorite shades, you know when you see it, and sometimes it is difficult to find. Hard to explain to another. Blue has so many meanings, blues do speak.

Blue defined: Water, Air, Rain, Music, Birds, Plates, Sky, Fog, Midnight, Denim, Glass, Eyes
Diamonds ? what about Rocks? I love Rocks, Stones, Quartz, Agates   
I found the most amazing BLUE Diamond Ring online, never have I seen a dark Blue diamond, However I am not savvy on jewelry, gems, myself, I am allergic to almost every metal known, you name it, I can't wear it. Ah sigh, again it's the Color blue that fascinates me, had the center stone been another color, I probably would not have noticed it. I am though a fan of Artisan Jewelry, when I go to fairs, art shows, I am a bee line magnet. I can only wear Silver, Real Silver, for a few hours, without reactions, " fingers crossed" it is my favorite and I do own some.  "UPTOWN" Jewelry I have not much knowledge of, other than as an admirer. 

This Ring is Divine ~ Simple, Classic and Brilliant Dark Blue ~ Uptown :) 
This ring is from website:
It is labeled Blue Diamond Ring - 2440, it's retail price $1049.13

This above a Precious Gem Stone Ring ~ What about other Precious Stones ~ that are of Nature 
That are the Color Blue ~ another find online ~ Sliced Agates ~ Wind Chimes 
They do offer "Only Blue" within the choices~ All the Colors are Spectacular 
Be Still My Heart 

One more photo from the site, these Wind Chimes, because it would be a crime not to share it 

Where can I buy these magnificent Wind Chimes ? I am seriously thinking about buying one, to me they are just as beautiful as the Ring above~ only these are Nature Made, Strung by hands   

To add this website found " Druzy Geodes" doesn't stop at Wind Chimes
they offer Artisan made Jewelry that is to die for~ countless choices of every color, every geode, every gemstone of nature imaginable
This one Pendant that grabbed me, it's stone is called Mystic Quartz  

It like a Looking Glass yet to Embrace Every Color of Nature 
The bright vibrant ocean blue to be the focal point 
If this embraces you, go look at the other choices, there are many gemstones to choose from, all in different settings, not to be thought of as one in particular, it is made of nature, Unique and expressive by the stones, gems themselves ~ if you are a lover of Artisan fare 
This is the site to view.  I wish it was updated the site itself, it can be a long wait for it to load, it is so worth the wait. Anticipation is granted with Unique finds, that I have never seen before, I have seen many Artisan Jewelers in my past, just because I cannot wear it, does not mean I do not drool over it. 
How lovely this gem stone is ~ it grabs my heart strings 
The Power of Color 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

You know it's too hot out when

Your yard is filled with Squirrels ~


I feed my squirrels. The Summer heat to be too much for them. They know my yard is a safe zone, Can you tell?

This is not the same Squirrel .. another one just feet away ...from the little guy above

 Shall we Call him Froggy? 
Chillin in the shade 

Life doesn't get any better than this ~ Honey-O's from Trader Joe's

Too cute 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tomorrow Neutrals

Hopefully Tomorrow I will be able to cover 

Ta Da' everyone's favorite   " Neutrals"

One last post, today, the Neutral Samples I have so far ~ CeCe Caldwell Clay Chalk Paint

1. Johnston Daffodil (neutral? shrug) I wanted in the photo for comparison.

2. Pittsburgh Gray which I love love love - it is River Rock Gray, think of Spa " Hot Rocks"

3. Seattle Mist is a beautiful Wool Gray like my Fur Son ~ Cuddly ~ which does have a Cool base, No green, none. No weirdness, it is as Gray as it gets. 

4. Young Kansas Wheat, this color is more in the Taupe family. It is not gray. It blends with Everything. A keeper. 

5. Vintage White - my favorite, it is the bestest.

6. Here she is - Hershey Brown. This is Hershey Chocolate Brown. It is in the middle between Milk and Dark. It is Robust and does have that almost deep aubergine within, when its spread thin. Very slight, this though brings it a whole new dimension. 

A friend of mine painted a spare room in her house with a color that was Hershey Bar Wrapper Brown- she trimmed it out with a rich vanilla cream. This room was drop dead beautiful. She had shown us, her friends the paint chip first. Everyone said GAH it's Soo Dark, it's too dark, the room is too small for that color.
I wish I knew what color that was, this was many years ago. Her house too a little bungalow with all the extras from it's original build. She knew what she wanted, and she went there. Her color chosen, obviously Memorable :)

Till next time ... hopefully tomorrow.

Say Goodnight Dewey ....


How many shades of Green are there? 

Green is a funny color, it is either loved, embraced and or the opposite.
I have heard of people actually becoming " ill" by viewing some shades of green. Maybe this is where the catch phrase began, " You look Green" - feeling of ill health. Green with Envy. Green with Jealousy.  Yet when one mentions, Green Eyes, Cat Eyes for instance, it takes on a whole new meaning. How do we arrive at Green? Green is created by mixing Blue and Yellow, two primary colors. Without one added, it cannot be accomplished " Green". Green depending on Hue, Tone, Depth, Shade,  it is known to create Emotional Responses. 

Do you have a favorite green?  more than likely you offer adjectives to describe it.
British Race Car, Pine, Olive, Leaf, Lime, Mint, Grass, Emerald, Toad Green, it goes on and on, and each are unique, stand alone, all by themselves. I created my own green. Mixing white Gesso which is found at art supply stores with Tints. In my learning of Mixing, there is no mistakes, each time you play, you learn what to add, what to take away. You can see the base I created, and painted onto my kitchen cabinet. The horror on some of your faces, why that color? I personally like it. Mixing tints of blue, turquoise and yellow green - slowly to white Gesso, this is my result. I am torn because I love BOLD DARING yes, and I also love the colors of soft beach sands, ocean sea glass, beach worn. You can see on this practice cab, I let my imagination go wild.  

What is your favorite shade of green?

A close up of the area that is Beachy Shabbed - All is Possible - the colors mixed you see
(L)Vintage White & Young Kansas Wheat, (R) is Pittsburgh Gray & Vintage White

Do you see the coverage? it is this simple, this why I say CeCe is no Fail - this did not take me but minutes.

Another Cab that I used this Gesso base and added layers of CeCe over it - slowly by dry brushing. I used Young Kansas Wheat, You cannot see it, but its there. Maine Harbor Blue afterward, while the Young Kansas Wheat was still wet. They both to mesh together - then to add a few streaks of the tints, again dry brushing. This took only minutes to create. Watermelon Rind :)

The New Color out that I have received " Texas Prairie" that I call Cat Eye Green. It is Cat Eye Green. It changes in light, this is exciting.

You can see it Wet  - Texas Prairie (L) and Kentucky Mint ( R)

Dry: Texas Prairie (L) and Kentucky Mint ( R) 

When my samples arrived, of coarse I had to open them, stick my finger in them and play, That I did, I stuck my finger in Texas Prairie and Finger Painted over the Beachy Shabbed. This is the Result,  upon the Beach Shabbed wood, as photo shows above.  Do you see Green? I see a pale florescent beachy limon yellow. To the left is Shabbed mix, the right is Texas Prairie 

Another photo

I have played with and mixed the colors of CeCe and Texas Prairie is a changer. Have not experienced this with any of the other colors. I like it, it makes it even more versatile.

It is Cat Eye Green, my fur Son says Hello  

Maybe you're thinking I stuck my finger in the wrong color, Johnston Daffodil by mistake. I went and finger painted Johnston Daffodil next to the Prairie Green. Took photos. You can See " Yellow is Yellow"

Johnston Daffodil top and Texas Prairie bottom

Reminds me of the wall paint I chose for my basement, Pittsburgh Paints Safari. Depending on the light, it shows as a golden pear, with a candle glow and other times it is apple green.

Safari Pittsburgh Paint 312-3
You can see here it is not in the Green family it is in the Golds :)