Sunday, August 19, 2012

I lost my direction

I was posting, as you can see and then I ceased.

I allowed One person to invade my spirit of my blog, which I am sure doesn't affect her.
This is upon my reaction to words written to me, and my reaction to cease writing on what I found an outlet, what I found my own, I guess I am just as guilty, by allowing her to creep into my head.. That I will not post on it any longer. I guess it's who's ever loss she deems fit. Not mine, I am not a seller.

Will not make sense to you the reader, it may ring bells, but it will not make sense, unless you're following me, reading etc what I have previously blogged on, that abruptly ended.  Paint to be the subject or is it alliance. It wasn't a war that I felt I was soldier in, yet was named to be. Good riddance is best, and I hope all that are within the war, figure it out, they are not the only ones with something to boast, post and or lose along the way, that there is bigger things in life, that are worth " fighting for". I think it is really unsavory for another to tell me, without asking me, but to tell me, that Had it not been for them, I never would have found out about the product itself, that my interests were self served to others, that I betrayed her. When I have bookmarks, since fall of 2011, and have friends who are in my life, know, that I had been talking about this, watching it unfold, having an interest, way before it entered this other persons market place. But no, that's not allowed either.  I will be polite and add the French Version of my feelings -

My one co-worker, years ago, she professed to me, she and I working together, she to be verbally attacked by another person, her reply to that person

"I don't you from a can of paint". This not to make sense to me, this makes sense to me now, more so than I can even explain. 
I am no longer going to blog on a certain paint, because the Taste left, to resonate in my mind, it enough to say, C'est la vie ~ thanks but no thanks, I offered nothing but positive and was told that I was subject of the sellers on their private blogs. Nice to know, one who is promoting is slandered for buying the product, just not buying it from the " right" person. When the person didn't have the colors on their site to sell ~ my fault, not only my fault but I to be lambasted for it. Because I owed them. Owed them what? My dollars? my alliance, my alliance was vivid, hard work I placed upon my blog, by sharing, by putting in hard work here. NO. That was told to me, please do not do me any favors, I don't need your assistance by you mentioning me, my site, as a seller, because, Me Humble, I defied her and bought samples from regional sellers. I am of my word, I will never mention it again. And I haven't. So if you come here looking for " Updates" on a certain paint, there will not be any.

Which is too bad, because the paint itself is worth it's said, it's amazing paint, is worth buying, the stigma that I have encountered, not worth it, to me, to continue buying nor blogging upon. For me to feel that I am made mockery on the boards, to be subject in the wars of, within the sellers, boundaries etc.  There is nothing wrong with the paint.  

I guess this is alike being a Michigan Fan vs a Michigan State Fan - Both in the same League but enemy. Hmmph.

Never have I been fair weather, WIN or LOSE - I am a University of Michigan Fan

Maize and Blue
Hail Hail Michigan
Dont' get your territories screwed up
Lesson Learned

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Zest said...

I enjoy your blog and your passion for color - glad you're back!