Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just My Imagination

We revert to what we love

Ever notice when your out, say at a drug store, and you find yourself being called by the Cosmetics Department, telling yourself you're only going to look. Then you see a new line
of lipsticks and you become like a little kid in a candy store. Ooooh look at all the pretty colors!!

We automatically know, through trial and error which colors of lipstick make us "Perk" and which colors do not suit us, those colors are instantly ignored. I love Red lipstick, however it does not like me. Has to be a certain shade of red, cannot be just any red. This red is a rare find. 

Yes, I have a fondness for lipstick. I have more tubes than I can count. More than I could 
possibly wear. And all are in the same color range. A few misses of what was I thinking, when
I chose the color. What I have found though that is worse I continue to purchase the same color,
and then have several tubes. Why is this? I am drawn to this color. It pulls me in. I love it. 

Lipstick is no different than Paint colors ~ then why is it so darn hard to choose Paint Colors ???
Because Lipstick is temporary and is not on our walls, furniture or cupboards unless you have 
a over zealous 4 yr old, who love's Mamma's make-up. A huge Thank You to CeCe Caldwells Mineral Paint, my saga of finding the perfect paint colors may soon be over ~


My addiction to buying Revlon Lip Butters, then I have found the CeCe Caldwell paint colors ~ that my heart sings to " Cottonwood Sienna" and "New Orleans Purple"  
I have always loved " Peach and Purple " together. Orange and Purple in the soft dusty hues.

The color fairy sung to me again and I purchased and received today ~ my new rug.   

What do you see? I see rare purples, peaches and pinks staring at me? I love it.

The website " Design Seeds" is invaluable, I have offered the link before, if you need aid with color theory, color coordinating, this is the site.

This beautiful rug, " Diamond Kilim Warm" I purchased  " Final Sale" from Pottery Barn Teens. It is 5 x 8, rich Woven Wool blended with Cotton, hand washable, Made in India.  It is heavy, it is not one that is thin and flimsy that it should be labeled a giant place mat. I know that If I chose to use this rug as a blanket I could. Just keep using it as a blanket, and it will slowly breakdown and soften. Soften to utter blanket love.  I have done it before with a rug, and it is my favorite all time blanket. It keeps you toasty warm in the cool temps, and its all natural, who could ask for more. It breathes.

Final Sale $156.99, original $129.00 $269.00 sale $75.99 $156.99 

They have a New Color for Spring Summer ~ Rich Navy

Friday, April 20, 2012

Drift Wood ~Grays Browns

Creative Coloring ~

 Since I have been living in a color explosion 
My new venture is " Natural"  

To go with the Theme of Ocean ~ 

Driftwood created by Nature, Created by techniques

 1. Ebonizing Wood
I blogged earlier today on the woman who showed each step
how she created her own stain, using Vinegar, Tea, Steel Wool
and a scrub of lime.  Her link again:

2. That is my once " Merlot Red" stained cabinet
I used Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat
Colors I mixed,  White which is Wisteria, Chocolate Brown, and I believe added to
is a tad of Colonial Blue. All is mixing and layering, light sanding and layering again.
This is a practice cupboard, the middle yes is Blue Painters tape - run over.

For more information, Caromal Colours and great tips on painting just about anything,
Fabulous Finishes, Patty Henning she is amazingly talented and can produce
JAW dropping finishes, walls, tabletops, counters, appliances, Wood, furniture,
if it can be painted, Patty probably has it in her portfolio.
Her site offers tons of photos,  Q&A and she sells many products in her store and online.

Patty Henning Fabulous Finishes, Shelby Township, MI
 ~ Patty is now selling CeCe Caldwell Paint too :)

Fabulous Finishes Online Store:

3. This photo is taken from a woman's blog, she offers step by step
how to " White Wash" Oak, with her own Technique using Annie Sloan Chalk paint & Water.
Her Blog:

Last but not least ... Love the Brown and White mixed ~ who can resist Hershey brown
Yum !!

4. CeCe Caldwell two toned layered - with Hershey Brown, dry brushed White overlay -
I hope the gal who created this doesn't mind I snuck her photo, her Blog for you to read
and view her steps, her own technique:

Starfish and Coffee

Onlays for Cabinets

I found this website by fluke the other day. Am I happy? yes.
They offer " Sea Life" hand carved onlays ~~ for endless applications.
Each come in your choice of sizes and options. " For Paint, Stain or many
choices of wood are available"

This little gem of a Starfish starts at 18.00 for a 3 inch by 3 inch Onlay 
How SWEET is this !

Where you can view their entire line, purchase online

Heartwood Carving, Eugene Oregon

Shabbed Fabbed Fun

Chalk, Clay, Textured Basecoats

Practice makes perfect. This is the beauty "to me" of these paints, they are not perfect. 
They can be played with, tinted, distressed, layered, and on and on, no end in sight.
So far I have used Caromal Colours and I love the distressed end result. I can go crazy
with this stuff. It has endless possibilities. I have pictures, will post them.
I have played with Annie Sloan, have not gotten my hands on CeCe Caldwell yet. I love the
New Orleans Purple. Gah. I don't think it would go within my kitchen though. It's a tad
vivid. All the affects I have seen online, of all the women who have painted with all three mentioned. The possibilities seem endless. This is a good thing. I am going to be refilling my Caromal Colours stock, and I want to purchase some CeCe Samples. I love all the colors, especially Spring Hill Green. It is so Fun to look at, bet it looks amazing in person.

Perfect vs Shabby, when it comes to having a unique piece of furniture, or even my kitchen cabinets, I choose Shabby, distressed. I know I have been pinched by the " Shabby"  crab.
Since I am fresh out of crabs, I going with my sea turtle. Nothing against crabs.

Sea~me Turtle

When you " See Him" I will do my best to offer links to everything I post on. :)
I have my Sea World picked out, stashed and ready. I have been collecting for awhile now.

My Cabinet Knobs and Back Splash Tiles

" Seaside Cottage" collection made by Liberty Hardware, purchased at

These amazing Porcelain Sea Life Tiles purchased from
Stillwater Porcelain, Online
Made with real ocean sand grains

Ebonized Wood ~ your way

It's not a secret, I never knew until I stumbled across the home made recipe for " Ebonizing Wood"

Creating your own " wood stain" out of Steel Wool, a jar of Vinegar and Tea. This gal has it all explained on her blog. She even shows what can be done by adding a rub of fresh cut lime.
Very interesting indeed. 

Her blog " Spice-Club"
Make Your Own Stain Tea, Vinegar, Wool, Limes

Bare with me, I am technically challenged, I am learning how to embed links yet. 

Paints, Painting

Happy Friday

I had previously posted on Cece Caldwell paint. I did speak with Donna, Doozie's Corner via email. What a great gal! Donna offered me many suggestions and helped me with my plight of choosing colors for my cabinets. She is a seller, rep of Cece Caldwell Clay Chalk Paint residing in Texas. All reps can be found by going to Cece Caldwell Paint website.

I went on a quest and did some research on my own and came up with so many new thoughts on how to recolor my cabs. Mixing things, using washes, paints, waxes that anyone can do without huge efforts. I have much to share, next post.
 I too have to paint rooms, walls, ceilings inside my abode. I wanted to share this with You, if your in need of assistance within your own remodel, or simply wanting to "freshen" a room with paint.

So many Paint brands out there. So many that offer a mission statement that we are " Green", sustainable, No VOCs or low VOCs. Gah it's all so confusing. I have tried many brand lines of paints in the last few years. They are all different and unique in their own way. It's mostly texture and consistency. One coat, vs two or more. Depending on what your trying to achieve as a end result. If anyone wants a new play "Paint" tool, go to Pratt and Lambert paint site.

They have totally changed their website. They now offer one of the most progressive Paint visualizers. You are the interior designer. They offer many photos to chose from. I do not believe you can upload your own photo as of yet. They allow you to change your flooring, tile back splash, counter tops in bathroom, kitchens. It is a bit tricky at first, but not difficult to get the hang of it. They allow you to paint the cabinets or wood furnishings in the photos' as well ~ Yay

In the photos they offer different types of cabinets, by theme I mean. Modern, Traditional, etc. Please play with all of them, even if this is not what you desire in theme. Each wood comes out different. The one kitchen offers a STAIN Effect - not painting the cabs per-say. You can see the wood grain, the color to be a vellum overlay. Like Stain, an overlay with the natural wood showing through. It is so worth the time spent. I love Pratt and Lambert paint, it is rich and no drips, full coverage, easy peasy and they have endless colors to choose from. The best though of Pratt and Lambert ~ NO awful odor.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Great Find
I found it on Pinterest

Guess you have to wait for an invite to be able to become a part of this new trend.
*shrug* People have pinned my personal photos, yet I cannot join .. hmmmph.

Andy ways this is a AWEsome blog for Paint Colors ~

Love Love Love `Bloom Tones'

These colors are in my counter top, all but the Teal

Goose Feathers

Puppy Tones ~ Awe

Aged Hues ~ Loverly

Sherwin Williams Color that I like, a new find

Topsail SW6217

New add to Dash and Albert Rugs ~ cooling isn't it
It's " Indoor Outdoor" what a bonus, Love Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Chalk Paint ~ Shabby Chic

I have looked at many blogs, for refurbishing furniture with paint.
Chalk paint to be the most blogged on. The newest sister to the shab world being
" CeCe Caldwell Clay & Chalk Paint"

I am having a hard time with the colors.
Every site that offers the colors, they appear so different. I also have read, that
new colors are coming, to be announced this month. I would love to know what
they are. The only site I can find that offers the colors that I can attempt to figure
out, the colors, is Doozies Corner, why I cannot add the link here ? don't know.

Wet and dry are two totally different colors. I wish someone would paint each color
on wood and label them - clearly that one could actually " See the Color with the Name"
So many women are selling this paint and it is like tearing your hair out to actually
see the colors available. Pictures are so tiny or too artistic that it is skewed to view.
Has anyone painted their kitchen cabinets with "CeCe" ?
Has anyone experimented with creating their own color? by mixing Cece?
How is it "shabbed" can you layer it? do you need a layer of something in between
two colors? the CeCe website offer's no application tips, nothing. Shame, the
website does not truly offer much information at all. I will go and ask questions,
hopefully I will find some answers.

Anyone that has used it please feel free to comment :)
The colors of interest, being the soft blues, and or blue based grays, ivory's.
Purpose, Kitchen Cabinets

Photo from: Whitten

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For all who asked

I did not know people were interested in my chairs, that I had put on my blog. Thank you for the Pins. The Chairs, I purchased from Arhaus Furniture. I purchased them in 2008, If I recall. They are called " Casama" and they did bring them back into catalog and stores, after my purchase. They have recreated them a few times, in alternative patch work. The cloth that is hand sewn, I was told they were imported from India. This why no two are alike. They are very small and low to the ground. They are a beautiful edition to decor. I saw them in the catalog when they first came out, and I went for my phone. I ordered sight not seen. The woman told me that at that time they had two different chair " colors". Brights and Vivid or Jewel tones. I chose Bright, and when I picked them up - Oh yes, they are very bright. From Catalog, not my exact chairs, mine do not really resemble either shown. I have a lot of white in mine.
Mine, I will have to take photos of. They are colors of " Vivid" Spring. Pops of grass green, violet, orange, hot pink, lemon yellow and white. Only one of the two have turquoise in them. I when I picked them up did not have a choice to pick from. They sold out immediately and did not have idea when they would have another shipment. However, keep watching the Arhaus website, you never know they may have them again. I have seen the exact same chair come back more than twice, same chair different fabrics. And yes, they were " Patchwork" ~ just like mine. The website: For anyone who loves Jewelry and Accessories, insert drool.. they have beautiful bobbles Arhaus has a new website Arhaus Jewels ~ V