Monday, July 9, 2012

Rehaul the Thought Process

Think " Blank" Canvas - this will aid you when your doing a renovation, a remodel. Words to live by. I have learned. Do not make choices " of color" when your at your wits end, it is not in your favor, not in the long run. 

A blank Canvas, I wish I had focused on, when I was choosing my everything during my renovation of my kitchen. It never dawned on me, that the kitchen colors chosen would be carried over to the rest of the main floor, my brain was focused upon putting " that room" as it became the nemesis, together for once and for all " to bed"- that I saw RED. I had chosen two other kitchen " layouts everything" prior, that were eliminated out of my control. My experience with my renovation was truly enlightening. 

I had spent time, a lot of time, with professionals who specialize in such as kitchen remodeling to find out, it all was meaningless. All my choices that were of my found " Me" to be dissovlved, before my eyes.  Not in my control. I was lied to, this to be never forgiven nor forgotten. I still think of the kitchen I initally picked out, that I wanted, only to find out it didn't exist. Not as I was offered, these places to provide the samples, to be purchased (cough).

I fell in gush with this color, it was not a yellow, it was not a green, it was called Shale. A luminescent glow of the " Moon" actually. No way near white. It was soft and effortless. I was in love. Once given the wood piece for the next 4 days, 6,7 hours spent each day " shopping, driving, calculating" I went everywhere. Pricing, calculating, thinking, planning. I came up with a granite counter, found the perfect flooring, I came up with a back splash, made of what looked like beach glass in neutrals tones of off not white, milky sugary sands, mixed with clear. All was right in the world of renovation. Right?
My granite found that complimented, this the pale version, of Saint Cecilia granite, it to have tiger stripes within of dark grays and charcoals, it to have little nuggets of garnets, rubies and amethyst geodes to pop out against the Shale glow
my original floor chosen was the color of pencil lead a brushed charcoal to the right the one to the left is my currant floor by process of elimination
Long story shortened, my designer failed to allow me to know that the Shale I chose, was not available in the door, line, I chose that was agreed upon, he to give me the sample, have me sign out the sample, he to have to hunt for it, did not key him in, that I said I was going to the granite houses, I was going to find the flooring to Go with the SHALE
- he said as I walked out, Have a nice day! 
Didn't matter, the day I found out, that the Shale was not even in the equation, was the day I found out the cabinet place locked it's doors, and filed bankruptcy. Game over. Buh bye.
Next day ......
I went and called the supplier for the flooring to order it, the sample board of wood flooring that I had fell in love with, that I so wanted, that I had dragged with me for 4 solid days, matching and calculating. Go to order, on the phone, One ringa dingy, two ringa dingy, 
Hello thank you for calling XXX, how may I help you? Wah Wah Wah Charlie Brown -response from customer service rep ..
"Um that flooring you picked out, I am not finding it in our inventory, Ma'am can you describe it?, okay, can you hold, yes,, Ma'am the flooring you have chosen, I am sorry, it has been discontinued going on 5 yrs now. Do you have an alternative you would like me to look up?
Enter Clark Griswald Again 
No joke no lie
I set out and went that very morning with a fire burning, blue prints in hand, went to another cabinetry supplier, they of coarse did not carry the line, that offered the Shale. This company though to have options that I had not seen, the staff very attentive, detailed. The sales woman and I to spend with each other, my prints over 2 hours. Discussing, planning, etc. I felt confident that okay this war may be over. I was still ringing with, I wanted what I wanted, and did feel I was settling. I didnt' really have much choice, time was not on my side, my kitchen was on a timeline to be gutted. That night to make sure I was on track I went online to the website.There was no website, only a letter posted. A letter of thanks to all our customers of the past 50 years. As of midnight We have filed Bankruptcy and are no longer in business. The Truth. I was going to place my order that following morning, with this supplier. The gal called me at 7:30am the next morning, my house being ripped up by my guys and she said to me " I swear I did not know" she said I don't even know if I have a job as of today. She was beside herself.

George Carlin " Circling the Drain" I thought this has to be a cruel joke, It wasn't it was reality, it was the Economy surfacing it's ugly head in Metro Detroit, the independent suppliers, the Mom and Pops,  being eaten alive, shutting down within days of each other, those in the same business. Kitchen renovations, Cabinetry, remodeling.  Supplier number three, my plumber to see a new kitchen install, he grabs the business card for me, he says Go DO make a commitment, I do just that, I have two meetings at this new found supplier, the counter and the cabinet picked out, sink, within my samples.

I go back up to the supplier and I ask for my rep. " He's not here" okay, can YOU help me?, Sure but I do not sell cabinets I work in accounting. Can you find someone that can help me? No, there is no one here right now. Do you know when XX will be back ? No, I don't, he is out working on a important job, he is in the field. (lie, he was laid off without notice) Man comes in the room, he says HI ! like he is a caped crusader, I am "Mr, Suit My Needs" what can I do for you today?!  He is one of the owners?, he knows nothing. He is thinking bottom line profit, me? I am no one to him but a signed check. NOW I AM PiXXED - he goes over my samples and calls the supplier to give me lead times, they to be so far out, he to tell me pretty much everything on my list is not available, I to find out too that the counter top I chose, was discontinued years ago.  I cannot go home with this news. NO, my contractors would walk off the J.O.B. He takes me back into the room of " COLOR" samples, with all the hanging doors and samples allocated to each supplier, dedicated. He says THIS Line we can turn around in SNAP. If you choose from it, we can turn it around to fit your schedule. ( Lie) remember his bottom line was " check in hand" not customer service.
what emotion was running through my head that I chose this color, this to be installed 

It was not my first choice quoting Chris Rock and yes my cabinets are the color of Robitussin
When Your at your Wits End - no matter WHO it causes discomfort at that moment - Stop Think and Look at the Big Picture, your Money Works for you, it's not to be the other way around. Color affects our world, my world is my abode, that I live in. And Red was not a choice, it was a felt and I regret that day, I allowed others under my skin.  To affect me, me to grab what I felt and yes I felt it, Red. The day the cabs were installed, I shook my head and I said ..what did I choose? I allowed others to remove me from myself. Do not let this happen to you. Choose your world around you, as you dream it. If your told No, keep going, find it, and when you do find it, apply it, you will find comfort and peace within. This is Priceless. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bold Daring Brights, Unique Flavor

Rich intense color that is safe - Yolo Colorhouse 

Easy to use, I don't know, I have never used this paint before, I am though intrigued by the colors and how they range - a short range, yet each are stand alone color. What a concept. I have read raving reviews.
The colors shown in the photos here are all my favorites, bold, bright, rare - feisty with impact.
The Color of Thailand ~ Yolo Colorhouse Blog

I have heard of this paint, yes, I simply never researched it, maybe I did, maybe it was the price at the time. This however at present is not as costly as many paint lines, per gallon. Amazon selling price per gallon 35.95, it is also sold at Home Depot, listed same price.  A Green rated Product :)

Snatched these photo palette cards from Amazon, Amazon obviously a seller.

Color Family of Greens ~  Thrive  

Torn between Thrive .05 and Thrive .06  
Yolo colorhouse Pins - Thrive Family 

Color Family of Neutrals ~~ Nourish 

to break up the colors, placed the neutrals in the middle - I like .04 .05
.05 is comforting  
Nourish Pins

Bold Daring Bright ~ Let there be Color Family ~ Petal

.04  .05 and .06  - .06 is beautious, have seen it on Pinterest

Robust Marigold Peppers Eggplant ~ Color Family ` Create ' 

I love each one of these - Yum 

So Pretty 

Click it to Chip it

Color, Color, Color,
When you see online, or in a magazine a Room designed, a room of AWE and you say ~ omg, what is that color ? it not said, it not offered by mention, you see this color and your brain goes POP.

Sherwin Williams has a new gadget available, called " Chip It "
What a marvel. You simply sign up, and the world of color is at your " clicks" You choose a photo and upload it, Sherwin Williams upon your click, provides the photo back to you, with a Sherwin Williams color Palette, name, and chip number provided at a snap. Depending on the quality of the photo, I believe it does make a difference upon what you receive as the finish result. I have tried some photos, only to receive a few colors upon the palette. Then using higher quality photos to be given a full " blown" palette of choices, colors named, etc. Please watch the video for instructions. 

Link to Sign Up

I have found it does not work with Chrome, I am not a scientist, I could not make it work, shrug, however on Firefox it was easy peasy. You simply drag the Chip-it Button into your bookmark toolbar and your ready to rock-n-roll.

Thinking of my grandparents, summers always being with them, fresh produce always ample, I looked for a photo of just that - Summer Veggies. My result after using " Chip-it", a fine tuned Color palette - Pretty Cool huh !

I searched online hoping for " Ocean Brilliant" Colors and I did find just that
Searching images of an Emerald Crab  

Chip-it Palette Created 
Wow Awe Colors 

How cute is he? 


Power of Color

Do you have a favorite color?

A signature color that everyone knows you for?
Maybe it is in your choice of funky shoes? or your lipstick? signature sweater?
Colors inside your home? your favorite sports team?
A color that defines  " You"

There is Power in Color 
Color affects us, in environment, in our dress, our perceptions, by who view us, by who we view
These are not my words below, but the words of another, taken from the website linked. Today I am going to to stick with the Color BLUE, add  my own thoughts of what is written by the author, Karen Ellyard, and add photos of Blues as example.

KE: Colors can have a tremendous effect on us,  as I am sure most of us have our favorite color which makes us feel good. Color can be used to help us when we are feeling unwell or negative. Color can have an amazing effect on our emotions and moods. Below I will touch on the surface of some of the colors and how you can use them. 

KE: Blue - The universal color of healing, it you are feeling unwell visualize yourself wrapped in a soft blue blanket or a soft blue light.
I agree with Ms. E, blue is the universal color of healing, soft blue, hedging on white, a glisten of blue. If you feel that your being is suffering from an outside influence, that is out of your control, negative, you can mentally submerge yourself in " soft blue" light, to not only cleanse your mind, spirit,  but to add a layer of protection.  It does work.  This color is what I perceive as my soft blue, my cleansing blue " Twinkle".

Sherwin Williams " Twinkle" SW7135
Some soft blues leave me feeling at odds, why I don't know. Some powder blues, some soft blues are negative to me and I cannot offer why.  Some " soft blues" cheapen what could be very opposite had it been a different hue, tone, value of " soft blue" 
Blue to be worn on the Outside 
Where it be on your body our outside your Abode 

I copied this Handbag photo from this retailer site
Not sure if it is still available, I checked, the  "blue" is no longer, it is now on clearance in colors shown: Yellow and Green, even though it says purple, hmmph. I do not see purple as an option, in available, story of my life. If it says it, and you do not see it, don't bother. " So I have been told" by the powers that be.    

On clearance, the price is not what I call a bargain, at $229.00.  Way too much without being able to see it, feel it's quality. It's not about buying the handbag it's about the warm fuzzy that it brought to me visually. I saved the photo of the handbag because of it's color. It being of vintage worn, vintage soft blues, that it brought out a smile. 
All by itself, this "Blue". This is when you know your own favorite shades, you know when you see it, and sometimes it is difficult to find. Hard to explain to another. Blue has so many meanings, blues do speak.

Blue defined: Water, Air, Rain, Music, Birds, Plates, Sky, Fog, Midnight, Denim, Glass, Eyes
Diamonds ? what about Rocks? I love Rocks, Stones, Quartz, Agates   
I found the most amazing BLUE Diamond Ring online, never have I seen a dark Blue diamond, However I am not savvy on jewelry, gems, myself, I am allergic to almost every metal known, you name it, I can't wear it. Ah sigh, again it's the Color blue that fascinates me, had the center stone been another color, I probably would not have noticed it. I am though a fan of Artisan Jewelry, when I go to fairs, art shows, I am a bee line magnet. I can only wear Silver, Real Silver, for a few hours, without reactions, " fingers crossed" it is my favorite and I do own some.  "UPTOWN" Jewelry I have not much knowledge of, other than as an admirer. 

This Ring is Divine ~ Simple, Classic and Brilliant Dark Blue ~ Uptown :) 
This ring is from website:
It is labeled Blue Diamond Ring - 2440, it's retail price $1049.13

This above a Precious Gem Stone Ring ~ What about other Precious Stones ~ that are of Nature 
That are the Color Blue ~ another find online ~ Sliced Agates ~ Wind Chimes 
They do offer "Only Blue" within the choices~ All the Colors are Spectacular 
Be Still My Heart 

One more photo from the site, these Wind Chimes, because it would be a crime not to share it 

Where can I buy these magnificent Wind Chimes ? I am seriously thinking about buying one, to me they are just as beautiful as the Ring above~ only these are Nature Made, Strung by hands   

To add this website found " Druzy Geodes" doesn't stop at Wind Chimes
they offer Artisan made Jewelry that is to die for~ countless choices of every color, every geode, every gemstone of nature imaginable
This one Pendant that grabbed me, it's stone is called Mystic Quartz  

It like a Looking Glass yet to Embrace Every Color of Nature 
The bright vibrant ocean blue to be the focal point 
If this embraces you, go look at the other choices, there are many gemstones to choose from, all in different settings, not to be thought of as one in particular, it is made of nature, Unique and expressive by the stones, gems themselves ~ if you are a lover of Artisan fare 
This is the site to view.  I wish it was updated the site itself, it can be a long wait for it to load, it is so worth the wait. Anticipation is granted with Unique finds, that I have never seen before, I have seen many Artisan Jewelers in my past, just because I cannot wear it, does not mean I do not drool over it. 
How lovely this gem stone is ~ it grabs my heart strings 
The Power of Color 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

You know it's too hot out when

Your yard is filled with Squirrels ~


I feed my squirrels. The Summer heat to be too much for them. They know my yard is a safe zone, Can you tell?

This is not the same Squirrel .. another one just feet away ...from the little guy above

 Shall we Call him Froggy? 
Chillin in the shade 

Life doesn't get any better than this ~ Honey-O's from Trader Joe's

Too cute