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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Paint colors 2012

Paint Colors

 Reading, Viewing the forecasts of color for 2013 

Every paint site offers their own chosen color, colors for 2013

Pantone, has chosen a beautiful shade ` Emerald ~ Green

Sherwin Williams chosen color for " 2013 " - on the other end of the spectrum

                                                      " ALOE"

Not so sure about the Aloe color, Meh, as my Dad would say, it is Hospital green. 

 Kinda makes me Nauseous.

Pittsburgh Paints offers 5 new Palettes of Color ~ " Fresh" being the Trend for 2013
Pittsburgh Paints 2013-2014 Color Trends

The 5 PPG Palettes, each with 5 colors for intermixing. Three of the five new palettes to incorporate " Orange" and or Orange hues. Orange one of my favorite colors. Once painted in my old apartment, a desert dusky orange. Was a color, that is no longer made. Buta-coarse. It turned out fabulous and it offered a wonderful comforting feel to my living area. Earthy, calming, captivating to the eye. All colors as accent offered enhancement. Especially cobalt blue, clean whites, rustic metal art. 

A website found, that offers collective palettes from Pittsburgh Paints. Color boards, decorator boards, pulling together a theme. Many offer the color scheme I had once. As it seems, trends recycle. I then paid zero attention to interiors trends, I chose what I liked, this 10yrs ago, it was the color that fit my furnishings, my space I had at that time.

 Design Boards by Pittsburgh Paints

 One of many "boards" they offer, I believe this is a fairly new website.

Again you see, the trending of " Orange" being a primary color within the theme. I am
seeing Navy, and shades of dusky blues, the trending now. Earthy whites, not yellow or
pink tone hued, but blue clear based whites. 

Porter Paints ( joined ?) or have always been a part of PPG? 
" The Voice of Color" - Video of Porter Paints ~ 2013 Colors

I see trending, Navy, Blues, Reds and Orange. Red making a comeback? 
As shown in this video, lots of vibrant " Reds" on walls, and used as accent. 

Red as a color to accent, as a theme. Red being a " Wall color" *sigh*  My personal prospective, Red is One color you do not want to use in abundance. Red dominates. Even so Red is a primary color, it does not go " with everything" if it is the  Dominating Color of the room.

There is 1000's of red. Each unique to it's own, it's own base, tone, hue. Red the color of Nostalgia. To have a piece of furniture,  a picture frame red, or an art piece, to use it in decor is one thing. To build a room around it " RED" - is another.

It is a color that many gravitate to, for wall color. I have learned from my own mistakes. It is the most difficult to paint even on brand new dry wall. The pigments within, it makes it difficult to create a smooth finish, even after multiple coats. I read online to use a gray primer. I asked the Paint guy, my local paint store, he disagreed. He created a primer with a tint of my end color blended in. Was a fiasco. Never again. Cannot recall what stage this was of my DIY after 4 days of attempts, I gave up. I never said I was a painter, I am a scribbler.

I disgruntled and mad to the point, I am going to have this color if it kills me.. had to hire a pro actually fix my hot mess. He using Lambswool rollers and taking his time, he was able to finish the room. The end result " RED" Walls. The color at first was enchanting, that I had never taken on such a color so deep, vivid and rich. The color was so RED it wasn't a pleasant exchange emotionally " was too much" the color was brutal after a short time. Sucked the oxygen out of the room, was overwhelming.

The after:  

This photo taken during my reconstruction, the ceiling painted white, the walls painted Night Flower by Ben Moore. A deep magenta red. Red walls shown on decorator sites, that look fabulous, more than likely painted by pro's and or the photos themselves photo shopped to view as the Perfect Red. 

DIY's out there, who have used Red on walls, each person I am sure has their own story to tell.  The rooms you see in magazines to have the perfect aesthetic, furniture and furnishings. If you do choose Red, beware it takes on it's own life, once it is upon the walls. If you have red walls and love them, more power to you. I found the red upon my walls to be a detraction, not a enhancement.

If you love the Monochromatic look - it can be yours

Two colors, shades of, to bounce off each other -

The difference between Red as a Room

Red, the primary " Accent" 
So not the same - as you can visualize

Accents are easy to alter, change
Walls are not, keep that in mind :) lesson learned