Friday, January 23, 2009

Back splash thoughts splashing in my head

Tile, Tile, Tile

I have been on a mission and I hope I have come to the end of my journey - within Back splash tiles.

I found this Wonderful site today and it is photography on tiles. The photos are AWE and beautiful. Two I am so in Love with. They would look lovely on my new counters on stands I think. And or on my dining room table or buffet. Or within My Back Splash ... I do so loves these .......You Can Smell them, practically.
I love love Peony's.

These beautiful tiles are from this Website:
June has a Great Eye omy omy

I still love the Cat tiles from Sligo Creek but the colors do not mesh... Pete is calling still though. Pete the Kitty.

I found today another tile site SoMi Tileworks. Which has adorable, unique tiles and I emailed them with some questions. The site They offer many glazes that are within my color range. They allow you to pick and choose the glaze on the Art of the tile as well as the background. That is wonderful. I have been searching for tiles to put in randomly to create a look that I will enjoy for years to come.
Here are some of the ones I like

Monday, January 19, 2009


I am a bored little Puppy and My Legs are too short to go into the Snow ... and All I want is SPRING

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back splash

Back splash 12x12 sheet of glued - 2x2 tiles that are all different in texture not one tile is level - matte white
they have a Mexican tile front.
Each can be placed separate and or within sheets of 12x12 inches -

I found this site that I am really excited about - after searching hmmm hours endless for Art tiles - I came to find

This Beautiful CAT tile was created by Sligo Creek - and this CAT has a Name " Pete".

He is both my Timmy and Dewey within One face -I saw this tile and I stopped looking. Yet within their site they make another tile which I am so In LOVE with - Friends .. which represents my Fur Sons ... I love all their Cat tiles ..they capture the real essence of Kitty.
I have seen many CAT tiles that are just figure formed and yet no capture the true CAT within the art. Cat's are what they are .. unconditional and never conformity all Cat Mamma's and Daddy's know.

This tile represents Dewey my Nemesis the Tall One and my Big Daddy laying low - With All their Love touching in their Tails .. I saw this tile and I almost cried. So Beautiful.

I really love the tiles from this site - I think it has to be .. that the person creating these tiles is a true Cat parent.

Cabinets & Counters

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 Year of Sister

~ Getting back to self
Nature, Nurture is Key